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Developing Brinkmann Ranch Frisco

Brinkmann Ranch Frisco

It’s been a long time coming but Shaddock Development has bought a hunk of the fabled Brinkmann Ranch in Frisco for residential development and one other home developer John Landon of Plano based Landon Homes will be turning the 3,500 acre Brinkmann Ranch into subdivision developments in 2016.

The BRINKMANN RANCH has been seen as one of the most sought after and desirable sites in Collin County and now the City of Frisco’s planning and zoning committee has approved plans for a residential community and shopping center on the east side of the 3,500 acre ranch (Brinkmann Ranch).

The property is located on the east side of Main Street and Preston Rd. and runs north on Preston Rd to Eldorado Pkwy.  Landon Homes development will be a little further east of the Shaddock development on Main Street and Coit and initially will be a 200 acre subdivision.

Shaddock’s portion of the development will initially be a 171 acre tract @ the NW corner of Independence Parkway and Main Street.  The City of Frisco has rezoned this tract to accommodate retail and a variety of homes which will help fulfill a growing demand in Frisco.

Three years ago this consideration of ‘building out’ Brinkmann Ranch land was just a pipe dream.  But needless to say with the advent of Toyota, FedEx, Liberty Mutual, Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas, Legacy West and Frisco’s $5B Mile the demand for more roofs was imminent.

Plans for Shaddock’s residential community include public park utilizing 3.7 acres of the 171 acres that would feed into a ‘hike and bike’ along Independence Parkway and Main Street.

Additionally the home side plan allows for both single family and  wide patio home lots on the 140 acres with up to 500 homes. And the balance of the 31 acres will be a shopping center on the corner of Independence Parkway and Main Street.

TAKEAWAY: Bill Shaddock has been a long time entrepreneur in the development of the Plano, Frisco, North Dallas housing market.  And the nice part of working with Bill is beside housing developments (Shaddock Homes) he also owns Capital Title (contact Stephanie Allen, Sr VP Sales @ 214.728.0998 cell/text) and Willow Bend Mortgage (contact Mike Wolfe, Sr VP Loan officer @ 214.704.0412 cell/text).

So as a REALTOR one can do what I call ONE STOP SHOPPING if one is so inclined and professionally I have dealt with all three divisions and highly recommend all three divisions.