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What is THE GATE in FRISCO going to be?

The Gate in Frisco

Frisco’s Economic Development Corporation has a lot on their plate for the next five to ten years. To get a better understanding of what’s going on you should be aware of the phrase Frisco’s $5B Mile and what all it entails.

When all is said and done  THE GATE will be a $700 million part of the $5B Mile in Frisco.  Headed by Dr Anas Kozbari CEO of the Dubai based IGO development firm.  Dr Kozbari first visited the Frisco area in late 2011 to meet with Frisco Mayor Maso and other city officials and scout out potential sites for The Gate.

The Gates’  main PROJECT FEATURES will be 17 magnificent buildings and 7 villas allowing for the enjoyment of open spaces in between the buildings and villas.  Which at street level both residents and guests will be able to stroll along paths lined with endless possibilities for shopping and leisure as practically every building has retail shops and restaurants on the ground floor level.

Beyond the retail and restaurants there will be four buildings dedicated to offices.  And the nice part of this arrangement will be the easy access to DNT plus convenient access to a truly urban lifestyle.  Overall there will be 980 apartment units in 7 separate buildings of 4, 5 and 10 stories.  In the 10 story buildings, residents will enjoy prestigious comfort and security with access to convenient interior parking facilities.

And of course business guests and travelers visiting The Gate in Frisco desiring Five-Star hotel facilities a 90 room boutique hotel, nestled near the pond area will provide memorable accommodations with VIP amenities and treatment as would be expected.  Those guests wanting a more personalized service there will have 7 (seven) pond-fronting villas that can be rented on a daily basis or beyond accordingly.

On a pure SQUARE FOOTAGE breakout ….. there will be 41 Acres (1,785,960 SF) of prime space along DNT and John Hickman Parkway with 1,212,000 SF of luxury residential space, 854,000 SF of office space, 148,000 SF in hotel space, 54,500 SF in retail space and 47,500 SF in restaurant space.

TAKEAWAY: The Gate when finished will be a testament to IGO’s commitment to deliver property solutions that will become a city landmark for FRISCO.

What’s Rock ‘N Brewin’ in Grandscape

Rock & Brews in Grandscape

The Colony’s GRANDSCAPE development anchored by Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas is making their stretch of 121 SRT a hot bed of restaurants.

And there’ll be a bunch of new faces (restaurants) never seen in North Texas before. It’ll include the likes of Rock and Brews which is owned by two ‘ol skewl Rockers from KISS! The restaurant concept was put together by frontman Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons the bass guitarist of the group.

Rock and Brews  will be one of many unique eateries in what is being touted as GRANDSCAPES $45,000,000 ‘boardwalk restaurant district’. The GRANDSCAPE ‘boardwalk restaurant’ development will be a 400 acre project, with an 11 acre man made lake fronting the boardwalk, that has also drawn other restaurant venues new to North Texas besides Rock and Brews (opening Spring 2016).

Probably one of the more unique combination restaurant and entertainment center coming to the Boardwalk Restaurant District will be LAVA CANTINA (opening Summer 2016) which is billed as a 1800 seat concert venue.

This will be Lava Cantina’s  second store with the original being in Baton Rouge, La.  When Lava Cantina opens in the second half of 2016 it will bring first class family entertainment via their 18,000 square foot venue with high quality Mexican and Creole Fusion and Live Rock & Roll.

Along with the boardwalk district, Grandscape will have two multi tenant buildings on the backside of NFM Texas where Plano Pkwy and Nebraska Furniture Mart Drive meet. At this time two new restaurants – Dog Haus and Bread Zeppelin  (both opening Fall 2016)- are the first to join the buildings.

Overall GRANDSCAPE, which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway as in Warren Buffet, has lined up nine stores to complement the mother ship Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas store.  Of those nine two are hotel facilities Hampton Inn Suites and Homewood Suites both HILTON HOTEL franchises.

The other seven stores are restaurants of which four have already been noted above …. Rock and BrewsLAVA CANTINADog Haus, and Bread Zeppelin leaving Cheddar’s (which is already open), Hard 8 BBQ (opening Spring 2016),  and Mi Cocina (opening soon) and let me not leave out probably the worlds largest SUBWAY restaurant which is located on the east end/last entrance of the NFM Texas 560,000 square foot store.  See other NFM TX ‘FUN FACTS’.

TAKEAWAY:  One of the first official press releases announcing GRANDSCAPE and Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas was coming to The Colony it was noted that when completed the two mile stretch of SRT/SH121 from Josey Lane in The Colony to Spring Creek Parkway in Plano would realize 8,000,000 cars a year traffic wise based on people coming to visit NFM TX.

Maybe the NTTA (North Texas Tollway Authority) should have a NFM TX 2 mile or so stretch and charge a small fee of $.50 per car.  Let’s see simple math says that would be an extra $4,000,000 in the NTTA kitty.

What does Crest Auto Group & NFM have in common?

Their all owned by Berkshire Hathaway as in Warren Buffett

So what’s the correlation here between the four car dealerships, which are all located on SH 121 Tollway  Crest Nissan , Crest Infiniti, Crest Cadillac and Stonebriar Chevrolet  within four miles of Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas besides being a part of the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio.

Additionally as a cliff notes sidebar there’s actually one other car dealership besides the FOUR noted above which are all owned by Berkshire Hathaway Automotive under the CREST GROUP umbrella and that’s  Volvo of Dallas.  

Volvo of Dallas is currently located at the same location as Crest Infiniti and Crest Cadillac on Central Expwy right off of Parker in Plano.

But Volvo of Dallas will not be making the move to the new location on SH 121 in Frisco where their Nissan, Infiniti, and Cadillac stores will all be together when the build out of same is completed.

My personal speculation is that Volvo of Dallas will move into the present Crest Cadillac facility/showrooms on Central Expwy in Plano.

And it looks like VOLVO USA is making good strides in bringing the VOLVO brand back when the  brand was the first Scandinavian ‘rough and tumble’ economical automobile that just ran and ran for  VOLVO loyalist.

And you’re probably wondering how FOUR car dealerships fit into Mr Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway’s group of easily his easily recognized icon businesses such as GEICO, Acme Brick Company, BNSF Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp , Justin Brands (Justin Boots) which all have their corporate headquarters in North Texas.  

Plus Dairy Queen and Nebraska Furniture Mart have retail outlets in North Texas.

So the answer to the correlation of FOUR car dealerships Berkshire Hathaway Automotive and Nebraska Furniture Mart being all within 5 miles of each other is Berkshire Hathaway is the holding company for all.

Additionally after purchasing Van Tuyl Group and changing its name to Berkshire Hathaway Automotive  in Oct 2014 it has been indicated that the corporate headquarters will be moving from Phoenix to the new mixed-use development in Frisco known as  FRISCO STATION  and Frisco Station’s initial plans include many amenities conducive to a corporate tenant such as Berkshire Automotive Group.

At the time Berkshire Hathaway bought the Van Tuyl Automotive Group  it was doing in excess of $8 Billion in revenue, with 78 independently owned dealerships, 100 franchises in 10 states and currently sells 240,000 plus vehicles a year.   Berkshire Hathaway Automotive markets a total of  29 brands ,which are both domestic and foreign branded car companies, currently selling with a total inventory in NEW VEHICLES, around 31389  units as of this post, per Berkshire Hathaway Automotive web site.

And as noted by Mr Buffet, it makes sense moving the company to Dallas because Berkshire Hathaway owns several other companies based in North Texas such as Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp, Acme Brick, GEICO, Justin Brands, plus Precision Castparts Corp which Berkshire Hathaway  just purchased this week for a record $32.3 Billion  and is Mr Buffet’s biggest deal/buy in the history of Berkshire Hathaway at this time.

List of Assets (companies) owned by Berkshire Hathaway


QUESTION: What financial impact does Berkshire Hathaway have on business tax and sales tax of their subsidiary operating companies located in North Texas?
ANSWER: I’d say the State of Texas and all the cities/counties within Texas that are fortunate to have one of Berkshire Hathaway’s businesses on their tax rolls should be more than grateful that the Oracle of Omaha has blessed them with the presence of one of his businesses or companies.