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Frisco The Star Jerry’s World is getting in shape

Frisco The Star

Frisco The Star

The FORD CENTER is the official name of Jerry Jones’ new Dallas Cowboys headquarters.  And in today’s vernacular THE STAR which is the official name of the complex is also a mixed-use complex besides being the world headquarters of Mr Jones’ Cowboy empire.

Timing wise the goal at this time is for the 2016 NFL season the Cowboys will be at THE STAR for training camp in July of this year.   The center piece of the development is the multi-use event center, along with the outdoor practice fields and underground parking garage, make up the city owned (FRISCO) portion of the project.  Dollar ($) wise the price tag for what has been named THE FORD CENTER at THE STAR now stands at more than $255M.

The kick-off of the complex will be on August 27th so mark your calendars accordingly. Frisco’s youth will be a big focus in the new complex, whether it be high school teams competing in the stadium or a peewee league practicing on the plaza.  This first-of-its-kind development is a joint venture between The Cowboys, the city of Frisco and Frisco ISD.  The site will feature a 12,000 seat indoor stadium (good thinking as August/Sept temperatures can run in the mid 90’s to 100+ degrees in North Texas), two outdoor practice fields, Cowboy team headquarters building and multiple parking garages.

Then the fun part of the development that the general public will get to participate in  is the retail, restaurant and entertainment district south of the stadium will open in stages.  Additionally there will be a 16 story Omni Frisco Hotel – expected to be open by summer 2017 – which will include a Frisco city owned convention center with connections to the stadium and team headquarters.

Overall when said and done THE STAR will be a $1B development that also features  sports medicine center in partnership with Baylor Scott & White Health, a fitness center that includes the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders studio, and exclusive members only Cowboys Club (wonder what the buy-in fee is and the monthly dues will be), and lots of office space for those firms or organizations that want to be near The Star complex.

Cost wise besides the $255M noted as the portion being paid for by City of Frisco and the Frisco ISD the remaining cost will be borne by Blue Star Land (Jones family owned).  Additionally the Cowboys six story headquarters building has a working budget of $80M, with $25M of that being funded by the Frisco Economic Development Corporation.

TAKEAWAY: Overall THE STAR and FORD CENTER is a win-win for Frisco and North Texas in general.  And let us not forget Jerral Wayne Jones (aka Jerry Jones) is the PT Barnum of the 21st Century and one should never under estimate what this gentleman from Arkansas can do.