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Maybe Grandscape should have its own zip code!

And Grandscape has 5 kissing cousins 

So maybe you don’t know what or where GRANDSCAPE is? 
Well it’s the crown jewel for The Colony and the center piece is Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas

And you know the old adage ‘kissing cousins’ well we have FIVE (5) of those cousins here sharing in the spoils so to speak.

Those cousins are The Colony, Carrollton, Lewisville, Frisco and Plano. Also you have nearby cousins in the likes of Little Elm, Flower Mound, Prosper, North Dallas, Allen, McKinney who are close enough to the original five cousins that they’ll indirectly get one of those old fashion cheek smooches spill over kisses for just being close enough to benefit for being close to GRANDSCAPE.

One of he original press releases for NFM Texas and Grandscape was that after everything was up and running/built out…. 8,000,000 visitors a year would be coming through that TWO (2) mile stretch of SH 121 between Josey Lane in The Colony and Spring Creek Pkwy in Plano. WOW maybe NTTA should set up a special discount fee toll of $.50 per car in that two mile stretch…..what a revenue kitty that would be and help support the NTTA infrastructure overall.

Now to the side benefit that GRANDSCAPE and NFM Texas is bringing to Zip Code 88888 (that’s the zip code number I would assign to GRANDSCAPE if it were to have it’s own Zip Code) is all the restaurant, entertainment and hotel businesses that will be established here over the next 5 to 10 year build out.

In fact a new comer to the area Lava Cantina out of Baton Rogue, La will be bringing their 1,800 – capacity restaurant concert venue next year to The Colony.

TAKEAWAY: Things just seem to be getting better and better in our little slice of the world known as The Colony, TX! As Bob Barker used to say ‘Come On Down’ and that includes GE Corp and Jeffrey Immelt who is looking for a new corporate headquarters location. I bet Berkshire Hathaway would love to have GE Corp in their Grandscape portfolio of viable businesses who know NORTH TEXAS is the place to be!

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