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Frisco Station and it’s not a radio station either

Frisco Station 317 Acre Mixed-Use Development

  Frisco Station Frisco Station is a 317 acre mixed-use development off the Dallas Tollway (near 121) and HALL OFFICE PARK. Plans include 4.5 million square feet of office space, 40 acres of retail space, two hotels and an array of residential housing options. This includes apartments, townhomes and single-family houses. Remember FRISCO is one of the top ten fastest growing cities in America and this is a prime example of that growth pattern.

This project is in partnership with the Frisco Economic Development Council in conjunction with Hines Development and The Retail Connection overseeing the 40 acres of retail development.  Just down the road (west on 121) about three miles is the new Grand Scape development of Nebraska Furniture Mart and the long established Stonebriar Mall (just a mile or so east on 121) from Frisco Station.  It will make this area a MEGA SHOPPING ARENA that certainly no consumer should go wanting for anything they might need or desire.

If you might be thinking about moving to one of the Top 10 fastest growing cities in America, see the Frisco quick custom home searches below.  It will help with the research process in finding a home you’ll love!



What does a Frisco Foreclosure Kitchen look like?

Too Good to be True?

An Awesome Foreclosure


I bet this isn’t your idea of a foreclosure but it is!  There are a growing number of builders homes that are going into foreclosure.  This one in particular use to be a million dollars, on sale now for $785,000.  Only 2 years new and never been lived in.  The only thing about buying a builders home in foreclosure is there is probably no warranty protection, so in that cause you need to locate the vendors that built the home in the first place just to be covered against possible defects. You never know…

3 Day House Sale?

3 Day House Sale?


If you’ve sold or selling your home you probably know what CSS is.

If you don’t – it’s the Centralized Showing System that schedules all your appointments for other agents to show your home.

They track all your appointments and send auto emails to agents that show your property for instant feedback. (if your agent has that feature set up)

You can also send listing announcements about price changes or circumstances to all the agents that have previously shown your property.

Yesterday, I received an announcement for a 3 Day Sale on a Property in Frisco at one of the Stonebriar communities that, Still hasn’t sold…

It’s like a Macy’s 3 Day Sale! No kidding…

We aren’t selling clothes or appliances here, the sale goes like this: $20,000 will be taken off the list price on Friday, Saturday and Sunday – ONLY!

After that the price goes back up, Does that make you want to buy it?

Don’t you think they will take the $20,000 off after Sunday?

YEP! They will.

Better to go ahead and take another cut and leave it, the more inline the price is the better chances of your home selling quicker. Once you give it up you can’t take it back – be curious to see what kind of signage they have for the event. Sellers and agents are getting very creative now, aren’t they?