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What’s Rock ‘N Brewin’ in Grandscape

Rock & Brews in Grandscape

The Colony’s GRANDSCAPE development anchored by Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas is making their stretch of 121 SRT a hot bed of restaurants.

And there’ll be a bunch of new faces (restaurants) never seen in North Texas before. It’ll include the likes of Rock and Brews which is owned by two ‘ol skewl Rockers from KISS! The restaurant concept was put together by frontman Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons the bass guitarist of the group.

Rock and Brews  will be one of many unique eateries in what is being touted as GRANDSCAPES $45,000,000 ‘boardwalk restaurant district’. The GRANDSCAPE ‘boardwalk restaurant’ development will be a 400 acre project, with an 11 acre man made lake fronting the boardwalk, that has also drawn other restaurant venues new to North Texas besides Rock and Brews (opening Spring 2016).

Probably one of the more unique combination restaurant and entertainment center coming to the Boardwalk Restaurant District will be LAVA CANTINA (opening Summer 2016) which is billed as a 1800 seat concert venue.

This will be Lava Cantina’s  second store with the original being in Baton Rouge, La.  When Lava Cantina opens in the second half of 2016 it will bring first class family entertainment via their 18,000 square foot venue with high quality Mexican and Creole Fusion and Live Rock & Roll.

Along with the boardwalk district, Grandscape will have two multi tenant buildings on the backside of NFM Texas where Plano Pkwy and Nebraska Furniture Mart Drive meet. At this time two new restaurants – Dog Haus and Bread Zeppelin  (both opening Fall 2016)- are the first to join the buildings.

Overall GRANDSCAPE, which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway as in Warren Buffet, has lined up nine stores to complement the mother ship Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas store.  Of those nine two are hotel facilities Hampton Inn Suites and Homewood Suites both HILTON HOTEL franchises.

The other seven stores are restaurants of which four have already been noted above …. Rock and BrewsLAVA CANTINADog Haus, and Bread Zeppelin leaving Cheddar’s (which is already open), Hard 8 BBQ (opening Spring 2016),  and Mi Cocina (opening soon) and let me not leave out probably the worlds largest SUBWAY restaurant which is located on the east end/last entrance of the NFM Texas 560,000 square foot store.  See other NFM TX ‘FUN FACTS’.

TAKEAWAY:  One of the first official press releases announcing GRANDSCAPE and Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas was coming to The Colony it was noted that when completed the two mile stretch of SRT/SH121 from Josey Lane in The Colony to Spring Creek Parkway in Plano would realize 8,000,000 cars a year traffic wise based on people coming to visit NFM TX.

Maybe the NTTA (North Texas Tollway Authority) should have a NFM TX 2 mile or so stretch and charge a small fee of $.50 per car.  Let’s see simple math says that would be an extra $4,000,000 in the NTTA kitty.

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